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National Neighbourhood Watch Week is NEXT WEEK


Neighbourhood Watch Week, which runs from 17 – 23 June 2019, will this year celebrate both the traditional and unexpected work our volunteers do as part of their Watch under the themeof: #MoreThanYouExpect

To kickstart the week, we are excited to launch Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, a platform showcasing the amazing work our volunteers do to tackle a range of issues including knife violence, loneliness, burglary, scams and much, much more.

Each day we’ll be highlighting the work of our volunteers on social media. We want to give people a rounded sense of what Neighbourhood Watch involves.

If we can inspire more people to start a Neighbourhood Watch, it’ll be worth it. It’s a celebration of everything that our volunteers do to make their communities safer, more active and vibrant.

A series of posters featuring real life Neighbourhood Watch members are available for download, as well as social media graphics. Links at bottom of the page.

Associations // coordinators // members

We want associations, coordinators and members to not just follow along and amplify our message but to actively take part and shape it. We want our members, volunteers and coordinators on social media to highlight what they do for Neighbourhood Watch using the hashtag: #MoreThanYouExpect.  

Share your story. What do you do for Neighbourhood Watch? What does it mean to you? How has it improved your community? Why should others start a scheme?

You could even film short videos on your phone explaining what your local Watch does. Share it on social media to help us spread the word.

If you’re putting on any events throughout Neighbourhood Watch Week tweet us photo’s using #MoreThanYouExpect and tell us what you’re up to.

If you haven’t used social media before, then this could be a good time to start. NWN published a social media toolkit earlier this year which is available here: www.ourwatch.org.uk/crimes-archive/social-media/

Remember you can contribute to Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration after it launches next Monday. Add your examples of amazing work you do in your community.

Organisations // supporters

Organisations and other supporters can share our social media posts throughout the week. Below is a series of social media post suggestions to get you started.

This campaign will be run primarily through social media so keep up to date by using #MoreThanYouExpect as we’ll be posting new content revealing the work our volunteers do throughout the week. Find us at:

Twitter: @N_watch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourwatch

Please note that www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration will go live on 17 June and is currently non-accessible.

Suggested Twitter messages

Crime drops by 11% in @N_watch areas, communities are happier & more active.

#NeighbourhoodWatch Inspiration details all the possible ways a scheme could improve your area.

www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/ #MoreThanYouExpect


Knife crime, loneliness, burglary, scams. @N_watch volunteers are dealing with all these issues & more.

Get ideas on how a #NeighbourhoodWatch scheme could transform your community.

www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/ #MoreThanYouExpect


Get inspired this #NeighbourhoodWatch week by discovering all the ways a scheme could change your community for the better w/ @N_watch Inspiration

www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/ #MoreThanYouExpect


It’s @N_watch week!

Find out how starting a scheme can transform your communitywith the newly launched #NeighbourhoodWatch Inspiration.

www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/ #MoreThanYouExpect


Suggested Facebook messages

Neighbourhood Watch volunteers organise local communitiesagainst issues like knife violence, loneliness, scams, burglary and much, much more. They are making their neighbourhoodssafer and happier places to live.

This Neighbourhood Watch Week, we are celebrating their volunteers with the launch of Inspiration – a platform bringing together all the wonderful projects they are working on to improve their communities.

Get inspired at: www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/



From tackling knife violence to loneliness, burglary to scams, Neighbourhood Watch volunteers are helping to transform their communities. Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration brings togetherall the great projects volunteers are working on to make their communities safer and to bring their neighbours together.

To get inspired, and to learn how your community could benefit from a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, visit www.ourwatch.org.uk/inspiration/




Three posters featuring real life members detailing why Neighbourhood Watch is important to them can be downloadedfrom the Our Watch website. These can be used by any associations or groups who may be holding events during NW week. Although produced for NW week, the posters are not timesensitive and can be used as and when needed.


Graphics for social media

Shareable graphics to accompany social media posts can be found on our website. Ensure you tag the post with #MoreThanYouExpect so we can see your post.


Editorial pictures

You can find a selection of Neighbourhood Watch editorial photography at the following link.


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